Monday, 6 February 2012

I would like to tell you a tale about my bike.

Once upon a time, in a far off second hand shop next to the tip I stumbled across a bike. It was in a bad way, pretty much none of the parts worked but it was a reasonable frame (at least that's what people who know about these things told me). So I forked out the $10 required to make the bicycle mine and took it home in my shiny blue Ute.

With a bit of help from a friend, well a lot of help from a friend (I really just stood and watched), all the broken parts were removed and I had an empty frame to paint.

I toiled long and hard to get the original red paint off and after a few woosie afternoons of breathing in paint stripper I had a plain metal frame that I wanted to make yellow.

Half way through  the stripping process
my nude frame
So I did. First I covered it in primer then a beautiful yellow all in a home made spray painting palace
(or garage covered with old sheets and full of spiders)

My make shift studio

and painted

Then the same hard working friend who did all the work taking the bike to pieces, put it all back together again.

And I became the owner of this magnificent bike!

In all its shiny yellow and black glory. did you notice the matching shoes?

A close up

Thanks for reading x

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