Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Where did all the time go?

Wow it has been a really long time since I have blogged, I have thought about it a lot but never really got around to it.

What happened I hear you cry, (or not as no one will be reading anymore) well sadly I got a full time job  (it's not actually that sad. I get paid and it keeps me out of mischief - for the most part) and it is all I can do to fit in some sewing never mind photograph it and put it on here.

But I really miss being part of the online sewing community, being apart of the discussions and I really miss the fun of collaborating with others.

I have recently stumbled on to a bunch of great sewing blogs thanks to Pattern review and I want to dive back in to that world, do some sewing challenges and swaps, get tips and tricks from all those clever sewers.

So I am resolved to blog again, weekly to start with and we will see how it goes from there. Wish me luck.

Oh and here are a couple of sewing projects from the past year just to prove I haven't stopped sewing all together.