Tuesday, 25 October 2011

op shoptastic

One of the great things about moving to a new place is getting to explore all the second hand shops.

Mildura has quite a few Op shop and because I don't currently work I have lots of time to go and rake through looking for treasure.

Op shopping can be very hit and miss most times I don't find anything very exciting and then some times like Thursday last week, every thing I touch seems to be gorgeous and in exactly my size.

This is my loot - well most of it.

I have shortened the Blue Dress a little, and I had to take the black dress in, I am going to a 1920s jazz thing this weekend so the dress is perfect with the pearls

I love these Steve Madden shoes and they only squeeze a little bit.

 check out these awesome mirror pictures.

And finally look at all the lovely vintage fabrics! I have made some shorts out of the checks any suggestion for the rest?
Thanks for  reading

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Phew it has been a long time!

I have recently move to Australia which is very exciting, we now live in a wee town in northen Victoria called Mildura. So far we are loving our new home, the weather is awesome and we have met lots of lovely people!

Photo from Mildura Development Corporation

As exciting as the move was we have been without internet for what felt like 6 years but was actually 3 months, still a very long time!

I was also without my sewing machines for a lot of that time as they made there way across the ocean, on what I can only assume is the slowest boat on the whole planet!

However I have survived all of that and now intend to up date this thing once a week and to try and get a few readers, big goals I know I think the heat has gone to my head.

One of the exciting things about moving house is that I have a new canvas to work on! Our new house is bigger and brighter than our last one so I have been busy making things to fill the space. The first project I want to share with you is some of the art I have been making! I must apologise for the poor photos my husband is away and he has the camera.

First up is this rainbow dribble which I created using two boxes of crayola crayons glued to down and then blasted with a hair dryer. the rest was gravity. I am chuffed with this I think It is my fave piece in the house.

This one Is made up of 100s of used postage stamps, which I got off of Ebay for a few dollars. I then traced the out line of the UK (my home country) and got to work gluing the stamps down! I have tried to glue the stamps with places on them in the appropriate place, like the London eye is in London and the giants causeway is on the north cost of Ireland. It was really fiddly but the the end result is worth the hassle.

Thanks for reading Sarah x