Saturday, 28 January 2012

a few fabulous finds

I have had another cracking week in sunny Mildura (although it is raining just now).

I did some op shopping and made a new crafting pal.

Here are the new additions to my wardrobe.

tods patent loafers
I took this dress in and shortened it a little

 I have big plans for the Patent loafers. I want to paint the soles I will let you know how I get on.

I love this dress I had to take it in a little but now it fits like a glove
sorry about the dodgy self take, I'm home alone this weekend.
I got this jacket at the salvation army thrift shop where I help out on a Tuesday, one of the benefits is I get to see all the stock before it hits the shop floor yay!

as well as all that shopping I also fitted in a little crafting, with Sophie from herlibraryadventures and Shell and Annie from fineandsunny . It was great fun! I will show you what I was working on when I finish it, hopefully next week.
a afternoon of crafting fun
Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

For a beautiful little girl

 A very good friend of mine, Kate had a gorgeous little girl called Zoey just under a year ago. Zoey is so cute I wanted to make her a lovely 1st birthday present. I decided to make her a cushion cover to go in her room. I don't think she will care much when she gets it (she is turning one so the wrapping paper will be exciting enough), but hopeful as she gets older shell think it cool.

This is what it looks like
elephants on the back

Her name on the front

and this is how to make it

you will need: to make one cushion 45cm x 45cm
At least two contrasting fabrics (I used 3 because i really liked the elephants). I got half a meter of the pink and the elephants and quarter of a meter of the grey, that would be enough to make 2 cushions but it depends on how wide your fabric is.
Double sided iron on interfacing.
A zip to match you fabrics.
Sewing machine.
I used 3 because i really like the elephants
 First cut two rectangles 47 x 50, 3 cm longer than they are wide so that when the zip is in, the cushion will be square.

I sewed around the pieces with the over-locker as the fabric frayed quite a bit. This made it easier to work with.

Next draw out the letters using a chalk pencil. you can print some off using word if you don't fancy free hand.

with the double sided iron on interfacing pinned to the under side cut out the letters. I find it much easier to iron on the letters if you do not remove the pins. Just rip the interfacing backing paper, it make it a lot less fiddly

Iron the letters into place insuring you keep the zip in mind when finding the middle of your cushion. then using a zig zag stitch in go around the letters.

After all the fiddly bits it is time to put in the zip. I don't much like putting zips in but I find that taping the zip in place is quicker and easier than trying to hold it in place with pins

Sew a seem around the three remaining edges

Trim close to the seem on the corners so that you get a nice neat finish when you turn it through. Sponge of the chalk and it is finished!

Thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A lovely day for a trip to the river.

Today has been nice and hot reaching 35C so Dave and I decided to head down to the river to read our books bake in the sun and playing in the river. It was so lovely I thought I would share some photos with you.

The lovely view

My nautical outfit

Thursday, 19 January 2012

pictures in the bedroom

I have finally gotten around to thinking about our bedroom and making it a little prettier.we live in a rented house so I have to live with the green curtains (I left them out of the photos so that you don't have to experience all the frills) however i wanted to make the room feel bright and summery.
our pictures finally on the wall

My first step was to paint my secondhand chest of draws, then I recovered the wire chair with a fresh yellow striped fabric and the finishing touch was the pictures that have been on the floor of my sewing room for weeks! they look much better on the wall I think!

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello I hope you had a great Christmas and a lovely new year! I have been a little slack updating this over the Christmas period and that is down to laziness. Dave and I had a great time doing very little, we caught up with some friends and spent lots of time in the sun. so there was very little to tell you about.

 In the last week and a bit, since life has ground back in to action a few exciting things have happened.

1st - I got my working visa for Australia.

woop woop

2nd - I had a job interview (fingers crossed).

3rd - I made this document pouch to take all my paper to the interview in.

Thanks for reading, Sarah.