Thursday, 16 February 2012

New garden furniture, well new to me.

My good fiend Kelli was going to throw these wooden frame seats out. Instead I thought I would try and give them a new life.

They were a little beat up so I sanded them and gave them a lick of paint. Whilst they were drying I got to work on some cushions. I had a couple of foam squabs left over from another make over. I cut them to size and made some covers for them. I got two massive pillows from an op-shop that are the perfect size for the two seater, so made new covers for them too.

my sewing room was filled to the brim with foam and fabric
I decided to go for a cream and navy colour pallet.

making some pipping.
A pile of completed cushions waiting to go to there new home.
 The bases of the seats had pulled away from the nails but had not ripped much so I was able to secure them with my trusty staple gun.

as good new

the end result

you might remember the little cushions from early this year?
all together it looks like this
as I was out there anyway I though that I should hang the frames I have been thinking about hanging for about 2 months I am glad that I did because they look great.

 I was inspired by marie de salle apartment in high fidelity. since first watching that film I wanted to use old window as a divider. this is my light weight take on it.

marie de salle,s room
may garden

Thanks for reading x

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