Friday, 24 February 2012

Up and In.

I popped in to my local op shop for a few minuets today and found this dress. I like the fabric but it was on the large side. Fortunately it is a simple shape so I was able to make it fit in no time. Here is how.

The dress was a little bit roomy

First thing to do is work out how much smaller the garment needs to be. I did this by putting the dress on inside out and pinning where I wanted the new seam to be.  I then cut off excess and sewed the new seam.

I also wanted to make the dress a little shorter. I did this buy altering the the dropped waist which can be seen in the photo below. The waist was originally down past my bottom which is a little too dropped. I cut it up to my hips and sewed the skirt back on. This not only moved waist to a more flattering place, it also meant I didn't have to re do the hem. yay.

Turn it inside out to measure how much you need to cut off

The finished size
 I wanted to make the dropped waist a bit more obvious, a 1 inch flap sewn and ironed in to place did the trick.
added detail

Thanks for reading x


  1. I've just found your blog and love your posts about re-purposing op shop finds. I have been doing the same here in Shepparton and will stop by your blog again.
    Cheers, Jan Mac