Saturday, 12 November 2011

take one brown coffee table...

When I married my lovely husband Dave I also married a few less than beautiful bits of furniture that he is inexplicably attached to. The main one being his coffee table, apparently it is the perfect size.

Here it is, It is not offensive but it is not awesome either. so I decided I wanted to spruce it up a little. The first thing I did was change the legs so that it is a little shorter, originally it was as high as the seat of the couch.

Next I found a cool image, I went with a old map of the world because I like maps a lot. I think i may have pirate blood in my veins. I also got some rubber lugs and a sheet of perspex. I got my perspex in an op-shop fortunately as it is $40 from bunnings.

 I put it all together and TA DA! 
A much improved table!

 Thanks for reading x

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