Thursday, 17 November 2011

a little bit like topshop.

I have had a pretty busy week for a girl with no job, I started volunteering in the salvation army op shop which was a lot of fun! I will tell you more about that once i am a bit more settled there and have some photos to share.

A few weeks ago Dave and I were in Auckland. whilst we were there I got to have a poke around in topshop which I love! When I was there I saw this jumper and thought that it was very cute, sadly they didn't have my size boo. (Available at
Then I remembered that I had a plan cream wool jumper which i brought from a op shop with the intention of making it a little more interesting.

So I got to work. I decided to go for a light Grey bow and trim after considering green, mostly because it will go with pretty much ever thing. I cut out a bow and ironed it into place with double sided stiffener then I edged it using a tight zigzag stitch.

here is the  finished jumper, I like it so much I almost wish it was winter... ok so that i a lie but winter will be more bearable with this in my wardrobe!

Thanks for reading x