Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Lamp revamp

It feels like this week has lasted for ever, what with the long weekend two weeks ago and going to NZ last weekend. However considering the length of the week I haven't done very much, ekk.

One thing I did get around to doing is giving a new lease of life to old lamp I picked up in a second hand shop for $5.

I had already started painting before I remembered to take some photos Sorry. The bits that I painted yellow were a discolored silver which wasn't very nice, so I masked of the glass and started painting using a mix of cream emulsion and yellow and red acrylic to make a warm yellow.

In between coats I covered the lampshade in some fabric I had left over from the cushions in my living room. first i cut a rectangle of fabric 4inces wider than the circumference of the lampshade and 2inches longer.
next I ironed one end over to make a neat edge, then I put glue around the top and bottom and down the side seam. I used silicon glue, but I think a hot glue gun would have been better.
once the fabric was on smooth and the glue had dried, I put more glue around the inside of the top and bottom and folded the fabric over to neaten the edges.

once it was all dry I took of the tape and put it all back together an here is the finished lamp.
This wont be its final spot but it will do for now.

I also painted my nails this week, which in it self is not very exciting. but I have been playing with low tack tape and I love the results!
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