Tuesday, 27 March 2012

synchronised travel adventure

I saw this first on my friend Rebecca's blog goo and titch and thought it was a lovely idea! Basically you go on a walk with your camera and follow the instructions below. Rebecca and I live in the same town but had very different walks.

1. Starting point.

 2. Walk 50-100 paces and turn 180 degrees. I brought my lovely husband along for the walk.

 3. Continue until you see something blue. I was hoping for some thing more exciting than a blue car but we were just getting started so I took it.

 4. Make a left turn and walk 50-70 paces. We spotted this cool tree in real life the orange fruit looks a bit like eyes, yuck.

6. Walk in any direction until you find something that is or resembles the number 7 or 11. You are going to have to squint to see it but It was getting late and we were getting desperate.

 7. Take the first left and continue walking until you find somewhere to sit. Cool old farm equipment on some ones lawn.

 8. Choose any direction and walk for 25 or 50 paces. We chose the direction that took us past this pretty garden. It smelt amazing.

9. Continue walking until you see an unusual shape, colour or texture. Turn 180 degrees. These roses were beautiful!

 10. Keep walking in any direction until you see an archway or an unusual architectural feature.

 11. Head for home, but keep looking for something that catches your eye.

Unfortunately it was too dark to take any photos on our way home, but we saw lots of nice old house on streets we had never been down before.

Thanks for reading. x

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  1. awesome idea! nice work!\