Thursday, 19 January 2012

pictures in the bedroom

I have finally gotten around to thinking about our bedroom and making it a little prettier.we live in a rented house so I have to live with the green curtains (I left them out of the photos so that you don't have to experience all the frills) however i wanted to make the room feel bright and summery.
our pictures finally on the wall

My first step was to paint my secondhand chest of draws, then I recovered the wire chair with a fresh yellow striped fabric and the finishing touch was the pictures that have been on the floor of my sewing room for weeks! they look much better on the wall I think!

Thanks for reading x


  1. Sometimes it can be hard to turn a rented house into your own home but I love what you've done: it looks so pretty! Any possibility of taking down the curtains and putting your own ones up? That's what my Mum always did, storing the rental ones in a cupboard and putting them back up when we moved.

  2. Ah Thanks Rachel! I have thought about taking the curtains down but there is so much of them I got over whelmed! might rally some troops and try again.