Wednesday, 14 December 2011

really easy and very cute

are some of my favorite words when it comes to making Christmas gifts! So imagine how excited I got when I realised I could make these lovely little tea cup candles in less than half an hour.

All you need is a candle( mine are from from IKEA.) and a tea cup this one was from the Salvos.

Put the candle in the cup and stand the wick up.

Then stick in the microwave for five minuets at a time until all the wax has melted, It took about 15 minuets for mine to melt completely., next you need to fish out the wick and hold it in place so that the candle solidifies with the wick running through the middle. I draped mine over a piece of dry spaghetti but anything long enough to balance over the top of the cup will do.

Than wait for it to solidify and you have your self a great Christmas gift!

Thanks for reading x

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